On the wonders of e-parenting.

2 Feb

tiny toes  

Welcome to my brand new mommy blog. My baby, Lu isn´t so new (by the way Lu is her nickname and due to us living in Mexico City I will try for us to be as anonymous as possible) .  She was born on November the 10th on the coldest winter in the history o our normally mild weathered city which is rather unfortunate considering that my “tropical baby” loves to be warm and naked. 

I worked as an elementary school teacher for five years but I took a year off to be able to have a relaxed last semester of pregnancy and to be Lu´s full time mommy. Anyway since my “tropical baby ” was born between singing Broadway musicals to my daughter (which her daddy and I loved forever, more on that later),  kissing and stroking her addictively soft and sweet smelling hair, doing absolutely everything and anything to get her to tilt her head and give us her heart stopping gummy smile  I have very much become an e-mom, even our pediatrician answers e mails and Blackberry messages! 

 For the last three months devoted daddy and I have marveled at how in the world our parents managed without search engines and message boards. 

History of our e -parenting so far: 

 q)  First month of Lu´s life:  Researching and reading all about breast feeding after surgery, since when I was 18 i had my maxi boobs minimized and my body just seemed to drip itsy bitsy amounts of milk into the mouth of my always starving baby. (My attempts were not successful, more on that later) 

2)Second “honeymoon” month: I read about games, toys, milestones while my newly bottle fed angel  happily slept 3 hour naps occasionally waking up to smile, eat and coo. I also spent 10 days at the beach where suddenly tropical baby started eating like crazy and sleeping through the night. It didn´t last thought…  

3)  Third month: Desperately reading about why babies suddenly stop sleeping, start screaming on car seats and crying all the time for no reason. 

I love the web! In these three months I have found: 

1)That breastfeeding after surgery (especially the type I had) is difficult and sometimes impossible. I also found out about supplementing with an SNS . I got the number of my local LaLeche League support person who assured me that Lu was eating  enough and that it was normal for her to wake up every hour wanting to eat and falling asleep after 5 minutes of frustrated sucking!  

 2) I became an avid follower of several blogs and tried to keep my daughter awake longer than her 20 minute fed to try one of the cool baby mommy games published on baby center. I also bought the Tiny Love Mobile which makes Lu smile every time the horse goes over her head. 

And last but no least: 

3) I found out that my angel has SILENT REFLUX and that she´d  been abducted by aliens and replaced by a screaming machine . All the crying, no sleeping and not eating was due to the fact that in my new mommy logic if she cried I had to jiggle her (which did work before the reflux thing) Even though this whole reflux thing makes my daughters tummy and my heart ache I am forever thankful to Google and message boards witch made me wake up and stop my daughters pain. 

Are you an e-parent?


2 Responses to “On the wonders of e-parenting.”

  1. Nicole February 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm #

    Good luck on your blog! May you find the answers your heart and mind seek!

    • mommyandlu February 4, 2010 at 12:19 am #

      Thanks for being part of the journey! love ya and sops

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