Extreme Parenting

6 Feb


Parenting is, or has become extreme stuff. Name a baby related issue and you are sure to start a heated debate: sleeping, eating, playing, attachment parenting, ferberiznig, BFRAR (which I learned stands for Breast Feeding After surgery), schedule feeding, on demand feeding…  

 I confess I have googled and read all of them, debated most (with my 21 kid strong high school friends playgroup) and even tried some.  

Today during Lu´s bath her daddy and grandparents cooed and made faces and were rewarded by her beautiful smile… but suddenly she looked straight at me and gave her special, huge, just for mommy, tongue out smile and I understood that to me in the end parenting comes down not theories, authors, or advice. Parenting is loving: feeding on demand, ferberizing, co-sleeping, there are no right answers except that babies need lots and lots of love!


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