These are a few of Lu´s favorite things

6 Feb

1. Super hot, beeping thermometer baths.

2. stretching after a nap  

3. Looking at the other baby Lu in the mirror.

3. Jesus Christ Superstar and Les Miserables on our I Pod.

4. Hearing daddy play the cello.

5. Naps using mommy´s arm as a pillow.

6. The beach! Wearing only diapers!

7. Diaper changes (especially if accompanied  by  Bitsy Spider)

8. Warm, almost hot  milk.

9.  Smelling vanilla, roses and mexican “abuelita”  chocolate. She hates poopy diapers, basil and cinnamon. (I tried all of them)

10.Long,intense, baby babbling and cooing  “conversations”  with Mr. Blue Teddy Bear.      

Warm baths, warm milk, war weather she is definitley our Tropical Baby.

Mirror, mirror...


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