Mexican Baby

11 Feb

Being a Mexican baby from Lu´s point of view:


1. There is always a pair of willing arms to cuddle or sleep on. I have a huge, noisy, close knit family:  grandparents, great grandparents, aunties, uncles, one cousin- future best friend, great-aunts and uncles, second  cousins… When I was being born my grandma told me there  16 people in the hospital waiting room eager to hear the big news (at 11pm!)

2. There are many, many beautiful  and fun places to visit. I can feed the ducks  and see butterflies being born at Chapultepec Park. On Sundays I can ride in the back of my mommy´s bike in a long, wide avenue called Reforma because it closed to traffic. I c an go to Mexico Park and watch hundreds of leash less friendly doggies play.   

3. Yummy quesadillas, enchiladas, sopes, tamales are going to be my comfort foods.

4.  I can wear almost the same clothes all year, in Mexico City it´s never too hot or too cold. Well, that is something that I´m don´t entirely believe yet since it seems I was born on the coldest winter in hundreds of years and since there is no AC or heater in any house I am always wearing 3 or 4 layers and wondering if I actually have toes.

5. The apartment building in which I live has a beautiful garden where my daddy and mommy take me to smell the roses and listen while they sing and story tell.

6. Our city is a valley surrounded by beautiful volcanoes and mountains. On windy days the sky looks very veruy BLUE and winter sunsets are full or oranges, reds and purples.

7. Mexicans LOVE babies. Whenever I get on an elevator, go to a restaurant, go for a walk, there are always nice people smiling and they usually just smile when I cry.

8. Mexico is colorful!  I love going to the market: avocado, mango, papaya. i can´t wait to try them.


1.  Don´t get me wrong I love being surrounded by people who love me but sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming. Take last Saturday: my parents always eat the Mexican “comida”  (lunch time at about 4 or 5 on weekends)  with my grandparents and their extended family. Well last Saturday I hadn´t left the house for a while and they decided that they were going no to one but to two comidas, one on each side of the family! I got a little bit nervous with so much attention, so I cried for a while.

2. I don´t particularly like riding in cars and the suburb in which we live has lots and lots of traffic!  Sometimes it can take 40 minutes to go from our house to the supermarket (it´s 5 minutes away)

3. There aren´t any public parks nearby. My apartment building has nice gardens and we have huge Chapultepec Park and the special Polanco Park but both are pretty far from my house.

4.  My daddy´s work day ends at 7.30 (and that´s pretty early) so I only get to see  him for a little while.


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