19 Feb

So I wasn´t able to breastfeed. I knew from the moment I got pregnant that there was a big chance of that happening since I had a breast reduction surgery at that age when a doctor telling you that you might not be able to breastfeed seems seem like a silly warning (I was 17!)
When I was about 8 months pregnant some drops of milk or colostrum dripped from my boobs so when Lu was born I was hopeful. Then she started eating every half hour and crying in between and when I took her to the Dr.´s she was losing weight! So I tried supplementing with formula and a bottle and she got nipple confusion, then I tried a supplementing device (two tiny tube attached to a bottle on one end and to my boobs on the other and then Lu got supplementer confusion (I swear she just wanted to suck at the strawlike supplementer and would cry like crazy when the nipple got into her mouth. Anyway to make a long, sad (for me) story short when Lu was 1 month I decided to stop fighting over her breastfeeding and see what happened. At first she happily sucked at my breast for a couple of minutes and then when the milk stopped and she got whiny I just offered her the bottle, eventually at 2 months in Puerto Vallarta she was just too hot to be stuck to me and she stopped nursing.

Anyway it all seems like that was a long time ago but today was a yucky rainy cold day and I was having mexican hot chocolate and thinking how I´d love for Lu to have some to warm her up and I got sad all over again thinking how if I was breastfeeding she would have probably gotten some lovely cinnamon flavored milk. i really hope that even tough nowadays she only eats the same yucky flavored lactose free formula every day she will eventually learn to eat like the kid of foodie Mexican Jewish parents: homemade falafel with super spicy red salsa!


2 Responses to “Breastfeeding”

  1. Melissa February 19, 2010 at 5:13 am #

    Hi Karen!

    I stopped by and spent some time reading your wonderful little blog. Great stuff! Lu sounds like a little dream baby. Hurray for little girls! I had a good laugh at your e-parenting post. I am SO there. The internet answers everything for me these days!

    but now I’m a little nervous about month 3 —- I’m hoping this sweet, laid back baby I have now is going to continue… Eeekk!


    • mommyandlu February 22, 2010 at 4:13 am #

      Thank you for stopping by! You are my first reader and I was so excited I woke up my husband to tell him about it! In my experince with Lu no need to be nervous even tough Lu´s napping has turned a bit complicated we are having so much fun with her, wait till Everly laughs out loud its absolutely addictive!


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