The mamma on the bus goes SHHHHHHH

19 Feb

So today I had lunch (“comida” which is the main meal of the Mexican day at about 3) at my mom´s. My grandparents, my sister, my niece and my parents where all there eating yummy Portobello mushrooms in mole. I was actually seating down and eating with two hands since my sis magic had put Lu to sleep in her stroller.
Fast forward 4 hours to seven pm: my mom and dad are out working, my grandparents are back home and my sister is having her hair done and I am in charge of a wet cold angry baby and a bored tiered toddler, both want to go home and they want to go home now… So six blankets, two diaper bags, two car seats and two screaming babies are all safely in the car ready to go. The traffic is hell of course because it is rush hour and everyone is trying to get back to suburbs. So Lu starts really bawling (to this moment I have no idea why) and Phia starts screaming “Lu,ya, ya ya (Rough translation Lu enough, enough)” and crying…So I turn on the Ipod really loud to the Wheels on the Bus in Spanish so that Phia can sing along and Lu can get out of her crying jag. Suddenly the only sound in the car is the childish voice singing the wheels on the bus go round and round …”Ahhhhhh” I breathe enjoying the almost silence. But even before my relived breath is out Lu wails and Phia´s shouting are back…on the background you can hear the mommy on the bus going shhhh shhhh shhhh…


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