Never say never

20 Feb


This is a confession:

So I got pregnant with Lu at the same time some of my friends were pregnant with their THIRD baby. I got married 4 years ago and was in no hurry to have babies so I had a lot of time to talk to my husband about all that stuff that I  was NOT going to do or say. And then  Lu was born and I:

– Started talking about Lu´s every milestone to anyone who would listen (and that doesn´t mean that they are interested just that they don´t change the subject) 

– Give Lu a voice. I am constantly having conversations with people that star with Lu says….

– Complain about how tired I am and how I don´t have time for anything… I always thought that being a full time mommy was so easy that I had a million projects and plans ready while the next school year started and I went back to work. Well guess what my thesis is still unwritten, Lu´s baby book still has only bits of random information  and sometimes I don´t even shower till 12 or 1. Oh and even though I don´t complain about being tired I do nap. A lot.

-I am fascinated by Lu´s poop, snot, spit up and I analyze a lot of her diapers.

 -I don´t want to go back to work (and I really, really loved being a teacher)

-I peck Lu´s mouth which I always thought was weird and sort of gross…

– I play dress up with her


I was happily blogging at 11 pm while Lu slept and Devoted Daddy watched Gladiator on TV when we started hearing weird thuds on the monitor. We turned the screen on and saw a pair of tiny legs kicking wildly and actually moving the image around. I got a bit alarmed and when to check on Lou. When I peeked into her bassinet I saw in fact a pair of wildly thrashing legs but mostly a delighted, huge, gummy smile. Apparently Lu decided there was a party in her crib tonight. One hour and two diaper changes later I am sitting besides her hearing her loud complaints over my silly idea that the party is over.


One Response to “Never say never”

  1. silenceandnoise February 22, 2010 at 10:44 pm #

    Hi!! Thanks for your comment! I am glad I found someone who can relate to this whole work/school/baby situation. It is such a tough decision. I also thought I had it all figured out before I had the baby. I din’t realize everything would change SO much!!
    I hope to catch-up on your blog and read about you and your beautiful baby.
    xoxo, andrea

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