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23 Feb

It´s pretty scary: I have started thinking in blog posts!  Like yesterday at 4.30 am Lu decided to get up not to eat but to partyyyy. She woke up smiling and blabbing, ate 5 ounces like a champ, got her diaper changed and was laid back on her bassinet. But  instead of falling asleep she started chattering and  moving around like crazy…

While all this was happening since I´m supposed to be all silent during night time feedings I was silently writing a post about my experience in  my head. It wasn´t the first or only time that happened. A couple of times this weekend I found myself thinking “Oh I definitely want to blog about this” But since I tutor children with and my student is about to ring the bell I´ll just share a brief list of possible post subjects:

Lu´s thought calypso music and mommies attempt to rock her to sleep at her play group were laugh out loud funny.

When my brother in law complained about the special treatment mommies get  from babies I couldn´t help but smile. Lu has a special “Oh mommy you´re so silly but I love you”  smile especially for me.

I love being outside of my house so I have a tough time adapting to a baby who loves nothing more than to sleep in her quiet, calm, peaceful house.

Play groups are the best. I have 5 high school friends with babies: the oldest is 6 months the youngest is 1 moth. I love that we get to talk about milestones, post baby sex and diaper content  and everyone is really, really interested.

Devoted daddy is very, very musical. He writes songs, plays guitar, base and cello and used to be in a band  but I NEVER ever sings but since Lu was born I love family sing along.. Lu seems to really like when her daddy and I sing together. I love having such a devoted audience.

I need to upload a picture of Lu´s kiss me face. She loves kissing attacks and gets her little face ready when she sees me coming close by shutting her eyes and smiling! How cute is that!


2 Responses to “Blog mind”

  1. silenceandnoise February 26, 2010 at 1:53 am #

    I also blog-think all the time!! I have even thought about carrying a note-pad with me so I can write down all the things I think about while I am away from the computer so I can blog about them when I get home. Kind of crazy.
    The duckie idea is great!! What is a name party? Maybe you can pick a color palette and the first initial of your baby’a name and have that as the “theme”? Have you ever been to they have ADORABLE hand-made birthday supplies and some sellers ship internationally. You should definitely check it out!!

    • mommyandlu February 27, 2010 at 5:35 am #

      A naming party is what jewish mexican girls somtimes get insted of a bris party. It´s usually right when they are born but I wanted Lu to be more aware for her´s. Thanks for the Etsy tip, I love it! I hate that most of these places can´t ship to Mexico.
      I´d also wanted to ask you for anothe tip: how do you add banners to your blog?

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