Nap Time, Sleep Time

27 Feb


I´m writing this post with one hand since the other one is busy holding Lu´s hands so that she doesn´t smack herself awake. When she went down for her nap she was tightly swaddled in her baby straight jacket -miracle blanket but this baby girl has Houdini like abilities and her hands somehow always wiggle free. 

Napping  has probably been the number one issue with Lu since she stopped automatically falling asleep after eating at about 2 months. I spend big parts of the day trying to get her sleep cues before the too tired to sleep monster comes in and turns happy, silly, intense Lu into screaming, huge tear spilling, intense Lu.  Now days Lu can fall asleep easily if: 

a) She´s not too tiered 


b) She sucks on my pinkie! That´s right Lu doesn´t like pacifiers or her thumb but she love my pinkie which I rather like but it´s getting to be a problem because it means that if someone else tries to put her down it usually means some (or a lot) of tears. 

So this means that I´ve added more stuff to the things I promised I´d never do, especially the pinkie thing. Mostly because I´m super fine with the whole idea now, I love the idea of having a connection, especially since I couldn´t breastfeed but I really don´t want a 3 year old needing my finger to fall asleep.

Pinkie Magic


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