Pacifier Miracle

1 Mar


Two days ago I blogged about my magic pinkie and how it was the only way to get Lu to fall asleep. Well, devoted daddy decided it was becoming a HUGE problem and that I was creating bad habits that would be impossible to break and my finger falling of my hand at 3 am sort of agreed. However my shrink had the wonderful idea of explaining that maybe my finger was a substitute boob for Lu since I didn´t breastfeed and that it as her way of bonding with me. Enter a huge, HUGE guilt for not being able to  breastfeed  and Lu crying  hysterically whenever we tried to force any type of pacifier on her mouth and angrily mumbling but calming down with my finger and you can imagine  how unwilling I was to change the situation. 

However this Saturday the whole finger thing ended up in a fight between Devoted Daddy and me and I decided to actively try to stop. See, I really want my girl to grow up in a happy, loving household and me being the only one who could calm Lu wasn´t  exactly the way to make husband feel connected and included (and my finger was starting to look a bit weird) 

So last night I left Lu with daddy and I went paci hunting to our local Wal Mart.(Oh our new baby life! Paci shopping on a Saturday night!) I bought 4 different types, sterilized them, fed Lu at 12.45, went to sleep and hoped for the best. At  3 I heard Lu grunting and peeked at her bassinet, she was trashing around and kicking, her grunting got louder and louder while I tried to talk her back to sleep, which obviously didn´t work. Then I tried the new pacifiers which she promptly spit out on after the other. D. Daddy made a bottle and started feeding her but after two or three gulps she was done! Finally I had the ideas of sticking a corn syrup rubber 1 dollar pacifier in warm water and…. she loved it! She started sucking happily and promptly closed her eyes and went to sleep till 8.   

Today her naps were WOWWWWWW! When she started looking  sleepy we swaddled her, put the paci in her mouth, read her a story and put her in her crib, where after about 15 minutes of quietly looking around she drifted off, no shushing, no patting, no hair stroking, no rocking, NO PINKY! 

 And when we went out to dinner she calmly fell asleep in an incredibly noisy, crowded, dimly lit restaurant. 

But raising babies is a Sisyphus like task a times: two minutes ago Lu woke up crying which never, ever happens at night. Guess what happened? Of course her pacifier fell off!


2 Responses to “Pacifier Miracle”

  1. Ana Paula March 5, 2010 at 1:59 pm #

    My baby, Ines, calms herself with her own fingers!! Right now is great, but imagine at 8 years old!! You can end pacifier sucking but not finger sucking!!

  2. silenceandnoise March 9, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Sorry I have been so M.I.A in your blog lately! I do speak Spanish and it is weird to blog in English because I have a couple of Spanish-speaking readers who leave comments in English, but who email me in Spanish! I leave comments in English just in case someone who doesn’t understand can read them.
    Anyway, our son loves his paci. We only give it to him for sleeping, though, and I think that works really well. He doesn’t “need” it when he is playing, but he does when he is sleepy. It is going to be hard to take it away, but it seems to help him fall asleep, so we’ll wait a bit longer.

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