Back to work?

4 Mar


I decided to stop working when I was 6 months pregnant and starting the final semester of my masters in Education. I thought working and studying with a huge belly was probably too much and you  know what? I was right! The last 2 weeks lugging giant belly from class to class where really exhausting.

But I was sure I would start working again this September when the new school year started, in fact in was terrified of what I would do with so much free time (hah!) after year of leaving the house at 7 and coming back at 8 or 9 pm. But that was before I knew how I´d feel leaving Lu for a couple of hours with her daddy to run some errands. It was also before I knew what it feels like when she wakes up for her nap and a huge smile peeks out for behind her pacifier.

I planned on going back to work for several reasons:

1. The first is obviously the income.  We don´t depend on my income for our survival and hence I was able to stop working a whole year. But my income pays for vacations, outing to restaurants and movies, presents and all those little extras that make life more pleasant. Eventually my income is going to pay for Lu´s tuition since Mexico´s public school system isn´t exactly reliable.

But there are other important reason:

2. I  love teaching, and I love kids and I love schools and I love lesson planning.

3. I was raised by a strong, working mom to be productive and self sufficient.

4. I eat less and are more organized when I´m really, really busy.

5. I don´t want to be unable to find a job when Lu starts kindergarten and I´m home alone.

BUT huge, huge BUT I want to be there when she starts to crawl, and talk and walk! The thought of dropping her off at daycare for 8 hours every day and then coming home to play with her for one or two hours before her bedtime and then spending half the night grading and planning…. Not  tempting.

So maybe it´s time for a career change… I want to do something that involves education but not working from 7 to 3 five days a week (plus grading overtime) Any ideas out there?


2 Responses to “Back to work?”

  1. Lorena March 6, 2010 at 3:47 am #

    Si!! Vamos a abrir una academia de tareas y regularización de español e inglés.

  2. Adriana March 9, 2010 at 1:31 am #

    Definitivamenter asesorias, ah!!! El curso de disciplina. Manuel y yo lo tomamos. Puedes retomar la pintura!!!

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