Party Planning

8 Mar

When a Jewish girls is born in Mexico since there is no bris or baptism some people give her  a naming party also called “visit” since people visit the new baby. But this party is usually all girls which sort of annoys me because why should the daddy , granddads, uncles and cousins miss out on the fun but mostly because  I don´t like the  idea of celebrating my daughter’s birth confirming that men’s and women’s worlds are separate  so Devoted Daddy and I decided to have a nice family brunch for our closest friends and relatives. We sat down and each of us wrote a guest list for our side of the family. Then we added up the names: our small brunch had a guest list of 100 (without kids)! Mind you that´s not a huge amount of guest for a Mexican party, the vast majority of our families live in the same city and Lu has lunch with her second cousins at least once every couple of months. My family is fairly small and most of my cousins live in the Sates but we still have 12 people happily eating together on weekends. My husband’s family is huge: he has 18 cousins, some of them married with kids. Then there are my 12 friends or the “cockatoos” as Devoted Daddy fondly calls them, all of them my friends since high school, all of them  married with anywhere form one to three babies. So having a small party is basically out of the question which kind of sucks because I´ve seen all this beautiful ideas and crafts on peoples blog (check out the beautiful Circus Party on  but crafting for 100 with a 4 month baby is just not happening.

So far I have two possible themes: Picnic in the Garden or Mexican Party. So far I´m leaning mnore for the second theme because I can´t find picnic benches for rent anywhere  in the city and I have a cool idea for the Mexican menu (a tamales, quesadillas, omelet, fruit and dessert  buffet with different station decorated like a Mexican street market ) The thing is I want to go for a mod Mexican look as opposed to piñatas and sombreros but I´m really having a tough time coming up with ideas. The  few sites that feature Mexican parties go for the nachos and sombreros deal which is definitely a n o go in Mexico.  So basically I´m stuck. Parties are very important  to me because I strongly  believe that we all need rituals to mark all milestones in our lives and this has been the coolest, most important milestone in our lives. I also love entertaining and I feel that by throwing a beautiful party  is a great way to tell people that you care  (especially if like me you have trouble actually just saying it).

So my enormously big aspirations for this party have gotten me stuck and a party that should have taken place three months ago is still just an idea (and that the dress we bought Lu for the party when I was pregnant doesn´t  fit her anymore)      

Any ideas out there??????????


2 Responses to “Party Planning”

  1. Adriana March 9, 2010 at 1:26 am #

    Lo del picnic suena bien… Con papalotes!!!

  2. silenceandnoise March 9, 2010 at 10:33 pm #

    Yay! Thanks for mentioning my blog 🙂
    Reading your Mexican menu made me hungry! I understand how it would be difficult to get ideas for the Mexican party you have in mind on the internet. Everything must be really stereotypical and I am sure that you don’t have in mind a Taco Bell party 😉 The only thing I can think about is those really gorgeous Mexican paper garlands that you could hang. Is that also relly stereotypical? sorry 😦
    The picnic idea is really cute! You could have some baskets and even if you can’t find picnic tables, you can use some nice manteles, the ones with the little baby blue and white squares.
    Anyway, good luck!! I can’t wait to see the photos!

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