22 kids and counting…

10 Mar

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Today I had a dinner party for my high school girlfriends. The planning was a bit of a mess because as I explained when I wrote about Lu´s naming party I’m a bit obsessive with details and I want everything to be perfect: food, décor, mood. I love getting to actually use the cookbooks I got in my shower (bridal of course) and the nice china I registered for 5 years ago! Today´s dinner party was also a great excuse for one of my “I need to organize this mess of a house now!” attacks and to actually cook.

 This is also the first dinner party I´ve thrown since Lu was born and I think it went pretty well. She had two nice, long naps in the morning and my mom and sister took care of her most of the afternoon, so even though I couldn´t shower until 7.30  pm and my first meal of the day was two slices of bread and turkey at 4, dinner was cooked and the table was set at 7 giving me enough time to bathe Lu and prepare her bottles. Devoted Daddy, who likes my girlfriends individually but is no overly fond ofall of them together put Lu to sleep and promptly locked himself in our bedroom (even though we have no TV and that meant he missed a new Lost episode!)  

The food was yummy (Vietnamese spring rolls, cashew chicken and steamed rice) but the best part was definitely the company. One of my good friends announced she is pregnant with her second baby which was incredibly exciting! We started counting how many kids there are and we are now up to 21 with baby 22 on the way. The oldest girl is almost 7 and the youngest will be born in October! An to think we met each other in high school…

The story behind our friendship is pretty long, we actually started hanging out in 9th grade, that means that we´ve been friends for 15 years, which when you do the math is exactly half our lives.  At first there were only 10 but by 12th grade the official Club was made up of 13 members. (The fact that we have a   cliquey name like “The Club” just goes to show how long we´ve been together) After high school we all stayed in Mexico City for college and saw each other at lunch every Friday (which we still try to do even tough with the kids in can be chaotic) and then got married and had kids and so the lunches turned to kid free dinners once a month. Some of us drifted away for awhile but eventually we all came back. We met each other´s parents, siblings, boyfriends, flings, fiancés and babies. We went to each other´s graduations, birthday parties, weddings and then on to  our kids brith milot, birthday parties ( no bat mitzvoth yet). We traveled together as near as Acapulco and ad far as Israel. We have fought with each other and made up and fought and made up again.

Each and every year together has tons of memories for me, some of them still make me laugh out loud and some still really hurt but I have to say for me the most enjoyable moment is right now. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to share motherhood with these completely different but completely incredible women who can someday tell Lu  what her mom was like when she was her age. (Because if we´ve been together for 15 years we´ll surely be together in another 15)


One Response to “22 kids and counting…”

  1. Karla May 22, 2010 at 1:49 am #

    Me hizo llorar!!! Aunque no fui a esta fiesta porque estaba en algo de trabajo, el club es una de mis “rocas” en momentos difíciles y una de las alegrías más grandes de mi vida.
    QUe lindo post Kar, y que rico escribes

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