Mommy went shopping!

11 Mar

I so, so, so excited: I just bought my first non maternity clothes in over a year! After dressing with maternity denim capris which I bought last May, I plopped Lu in her stroller (between naps because my darling super sleeper only super sleeps at home) and briskly walked to the nearest mall, which is two blocks away.

I went into Pull and Bear (part of the Zara chain) and checked what’s fashionable while Lu happily babbled, thrilled to be out and about. I was pretty shocked and a bit grossed out by the 80´s total comeback. Don´t get me wrong I do own leggings and blouses and boots but a high waisted, belted, two differnet flowered pattern dress????? High waists don´t flatter any body type, if yopu need a reminder just look at your moms 80´s pictures! And huge flowers only look good on pillows and grandmas! (Altough Lu loved the whole bright flower deal)

Anyway, I was looking for some non maternity jeans and I realized that it was a completeley impossible task. My body changed completeley after giving birth, my pants are now huge around my bottom and legs but incredibly tight around my yucky post huge preagnant belly. I actually have to wear my jeans under my belly llike a 50 something dude. There should definitely be post maternity pants with built in support or something!

So I guess I´m sticking with maternity jeans while the diet things works. But I did buy a cute sweater, a belted blouse, a really cute butterfly t-shirt (which is definitely tight but I just liked it too much) and one of those super fashionable scarves. I also wanted to get some of those sandals with tons of stripes but I´m not sure I get how to wear them.

So now I´m dressed in my maternity capris, a tight butterfly t shirt and a super soft light sweater (beautiful spring weather) and I´m trying to figuer how to keep Lu from chewing or getting tangled with my scarf. That´s mommy fashion for you!


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