4 months ago…

12 Mar

Exactly four months ago…

I was laying in a hospital bed anxiously waiting to get to hold you for the first time (after the c-section I got to kiss you perfect round hair and say a soft “Hola mi amor” before you spent your first night dozing in the hospital nursery) The nurse placed a pink, soft bundle in my arms and as I looked at your face I was overwhelmed with amazement, I couldn´t believe that your daddy and I had somehow made that perfect tiny nose, those dark pink lips (that look like you´re wearing lip liner), those tiny but incredibly long fingers.

The world was completely new to you and even though we had been experiencing it for 30 years or so we left the hospital feeling like newborns ourselves. You gave a whole new meaning to love, fear, wonder and happiness.

Today you are slowly discovering, understanding and delighting in the world around you, taking us along for the journey. Every day is an adventure where you get to discover something new about the world and we get to know something new about us.

At 4 months you love lying in soft blankets underneath the trees and those silly 5 pesos honey pacifiers dipped in water. You are always seeing, touching and tasting the world (hands, toys, daddy´s beard, mommy´s watch) and you have a special smile that peeks through your pacifier when you wake up from your nap. You find new things really funny (which means we are forever making up new voices, faces and dances) Your favorite song is Day-O by Harry Belafonte and your favorite time of the day is diaper change. Your daddy´s beardy kisses make you laugh out loud again and again. You don´t particularly like getting dressed after your bath, especially if you are wearing long sleeved onesies and you hate your car seat if you are sleepy. You move around like crazy when you sleep and we still have to swaddle or your hands knock out your pacifier or hit your face and wake you. You love how the world looks when you are sitting up (you even sit up by yourself)

It constantly amazes us how many emotions your face is capable of expressing. W e can tell just by looking at your beautiful face when you are delighted, amused, bored, excited, surprised, angry or furious. You are also learning to use your voice and grunt when you´re angry, give out happy yelps when something new surprises you and noisily complain when you need our attention.


As cliché as it may sound you´ve given the word love a whole new meaning! We are thrilled to be your parents and can´t wait to discover the world together. Happy birthday Lulita love!

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