Water Baby

16 Mar

Lu finally went for her first mini swim today and in her delight captured her devoted audience of 5! Devoted Daddy, in laws, youngest auntie and I carefully got everything ready. The warm water in the mini pool, the swim suit, swimmer diaper and sun hat, cozy thick towel and warm dry clothes were all ready. There was much debate about the best location for the inflatable pool, and finally after much debate the right mix of shadow for babies skin and sunlight for warmth was agreed on. Slowly Lu was lowered into the pool with 3 different cameras ready to record every single moment.

Of course being her mother´s daughter she loved the whole water experience and could have probably stayed in there much longer if not for “cold-a-phobic” mommy thinking the water was getting cool. She splashed with her hands and looked completely bewildered   when   the water ended up in her face. She also kicked up a storm of water and concentrated fiercely in grabbing and chewing on her toys. But mostly she completely ignored the 5 adoring grownups fawning over her every coo, grunt or splash (Note she didn´t look up at the camera once)

Lu is incredibly lucky to be experiencing new things surrounded by so much love!


One Response to “Water Baby”

  1. Regina April 7, 2010 at 1:16 am #

    Es maravilloso lo que estas haciendo, Lu lo disfrutará enormemente cuando sea grande. Esta hermosa. Un beso

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