18 Mar


Yesterday I found out one of my dearest friends is pregnant with her second baby. I´m incredibly excited for her but her pregnancy got me thinking about mine and about how much and how slow things seemed to change when I was pregnant and how after Lu was born everything seemed to speed up. 

It was such a big deal when newborn diapers didn´t fit anymore but in the blink of an eye she wears size 3. There is also her bassinet which seemed huge at first but after a couple of head bangs was exchanged for the Pack and Play (yes, she still sleeps on our room) and the toys that I had carefully put away because she seemed way to young to play with them and which are now her favorite. 

I´m not one of those “OH don´t grow up sweet baby” mommies. I always want to go on the kid tours on museums, I love drooling over toys and have always read web pages devoted top traveling with kids, planning kids parties, etc so I can´t wait to have a good excuse to actually throw parties and go to those cool hotels. BUT I´m amazed at how fast time is going by and how every single day means so many changes in Lu´s and our lives. 

So in honor of my forever changing but always beautiful baby girl here are some pictures:

Tiny newborn

1 month! Lu´s first hotel stay

2 months in the cold!

3 happy months!

4 month wonder!


One Response to “Changes”

  1. silenceandnoise April 30, 2010 at 1:44 pm #

    She is so adorable! I love seeing photos like these because you can literally see how fast babies grow and also how much they change. I’m really loving catching up on your blog. I feeel like I’ve missed out on so much!

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