On her own

24 Mar

Lu is sleeping in her own room on her own crib for the first time!

I feel to quote a friend “like the umbilical cord is stretching to the next room” and let me tell you, it really hurts.

Thank god for video monitors or I would be camping out next to Lu´s crib.

As to why we decided to make the switch today: I really wanted the move not to be an issue and she seems to be more aware of her surroundings each day but the tipping point was the sound of Lu sleep-kicking against her pack and play (she out grew her bassinet 1 month ago!) and keeping me awake practically the whole night while she slept soundly.

So who´s the night going? Lu is happily kicking away soundly asleep while her mommy checks on the monitor every 5 seconds…It´s gonna be a loooooong night for mommy.

Good night and please vote!

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One Response to “On her own”

  1. silenceandnoise April 30, 2010 at 1:51 pm #

    Bresho slept in his own room at around 3 months and it was the best decision ever! He did not get used to sleeping with us and it was not a traumatic separation at all (at least not for him 😉 ). We still take naps togteher once in a while and I love them so much more now that he has his own room!

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