Trees, doggies and kids

24 Mar

Lu doesn´t do afternoons. She gets grumpy at about 5 or 6. Napping is usually accomplished after a couple of minutes of crying in my arms and her naps are always brief and fretful. Neither is playing with her toys since she gets over stimulated incredibly easily at this hour. So today I decided to pop her into the Baby Bjorn and go for a late afternoon walk around the park.

This baby girls favorite toys are definitely found outdoors. Who needs three silly stuffed animals moving around in circles to plinky classical music when you can have tons of trees with cool shaped leaves shaking in the wind to birds singing goodnight? Who wants boring old stuffed animals moved around by mommy when there are barking, tail wagging puppies of all shapes and sizes? And best of all instead of silly old mommy the park has lots of babies who coo and smile back and little girls willing to stand on their heads to make a baby laugh!

So from now on 6 pm means a walk in the park!  Trees!

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