28 Mar

I want to use my blog to publicly thank the mothers in my life: My mommy and my mother in law!

My mom has shown me how to change daipers so they don´t leak but mostly she has made me understand that a mommy´s arms are the most powerful healing potion for broken hearts, broken arms and broken dreams wheather you´re 3 or 30. She has also shown me that family is the biggest inspiration for the tough balancing act called living.

Then there´s my mother in law: Not only does she babysit Lu so that I can teach on Thursdays most important of all she has taught me that your kids will love and admire you even if you´re not a perfect, perky, happy, devoted mommy 100% of the time. She has shown me that motherhood is really tough and that you ocasionally screw up and that it´s ok, because in the end what really matters is that your kids are 100% sure that you love them and you´re there for them.


One Response to “THANK YOU!”

  1. Diana March 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    karen, no sabes qué emocionada y conmovida me sentí con tu comentario… te lo agradezco mucho, mucho! también agradezco la oporunidad de poder estar tan cerca de lucy, que me llena de amor!!

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