5 Apr

Abu is my grandmother on my mom´s side. She has always been a huge part of my life. When I was a kid, Frdiay afternoons meant being spoiled rotten my Abu and Pepe: eating at McDonalds (a HUGE treat since there were only 2 of them in Mexico and they had long, long lines), visiting the anthropology museum for the 100th time (I ws a really weird kid I loved taht place) and then back to my grandparents house to munch on semisweet baking chocolate bars while watching Full House and The Wonder Years.

Abu was also a huge part of getting sick: she would pick me up quickly when the school nurse called and take me to her house where cool sheets, TV and apple soda had magical healing power.

Abu was the one who found a seamstress to make me a beautiful white dress my eleemtary school gradutaion that would flatter my embarrassing premature curves. She was also the one who would get angry if I didn´t call her every night to tell her about my day when my parents were away, even tough I was 25 and married. She bought me my first bra (a lacy french one to mark the occasion) and scolded me when I complained about my mother.

She taught all about compassion, humor, humility, humanity and generosity…

Two years ago Abu fell while walking her dog and hit her head on the pavement. My grandad found her in the street in a pool of blood. She reamained unconcious for week in the neurological intensive care unit while her husband, children and grandchildren kept watch. She woke up slowly and it became clear to all of us that the damage was pretty big and she would never be the same. Our beloved Abu had extensive neurological damage and aphasia, she was confused about time, people and places.

When I told her I was preagnant she was having a good day.She asked the right questions but didn´t really know it was me that was preagnant.

Today Devoted Daddy, Lu and I went out to lunch with Abu. She smiled and cooed happily at Lu and worried that her feet were getting cold because she wasn´t wearing any socks. She also voluntereed to buy Lu a Catimini dress for her birthday. I know that we´re incredibly lucky to be sharing a lunch with her and I love how the old Abu still shines trough but I can help but wonder what if…


2 Responses to “Abu”

  1. Fanny April 12, 2010 at 10:38 pm #

    Kar esta precioso este articulo, se lo leiste a tu abuelita?

  2. silenceandnoise April 30, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    This is such a beautiful post! I went through something similar with my grandfather. His last years were very difficult for everyone. Our loved ones live on through their legacy and I’m sure you will share all those beautiful memories with Lu one day.

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