15 Apr


Sorry I haven´t been writing but we have been busy celebrating: last Tuesday my sister turned 27, then on Thursday I turned… 30!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Then on Saturday I got to redeem my cool, sweet, thoughtful husbands   husband´s birthday gift (swimming with dolphins, which oddly reminded me of Lu), on Sunday we had a 1st birthday and on Monday Devoted Daddy turned 31 and little sis finally graduated! I have also been trying to figure out how to use my new Kindle (thanks daddy and mommy!) Oh and Lu is now 5 months old which has so far meant  really short naps and getting bored very quickly! So I´ve been getting 5 or 6 hours of interrupted sleep for a week and Spring Break is over! I need a nap!


One Response to “Celebrate!”

  1. silenceandnoise April 30, 2010 at 2:12 pm #

    Yay! Happy birthday 🙂

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