Swings and Trampolines

21 Apr

5 months!

Darling baby girl,

Our happy little family of 3 turned 5 months on April 10. This means that:

-Our days start when we go into your room, open the curtains, remove your pacifier and bask in your delighted smile.
-You look like a baby and not an infant.
-Itsy Bitsy Spider stops crying magically.
-You confidently sit up and bang toys around.
-You kick your arms and legs and open your mouth wide when you discover something new.
-Visits to family and friends are very exciting because they mean new toys! I never taught a 5 month old could grow bored of her toys.
-You try to grab everything and put it in your mouth including strangers’ fingers, daddy´s nose, mommy´s hair, water streams.
-Your favorite toys are Sophie the rubber giraffe, the musical fish (even though we don´t understand why), the braided plastic rattle, the singing bird lantern and the Peek a Boo piano.

Giraffe for lunch!

-You now scream with delight, complain, coo, gurgle, argue and grunt (we´re not really sure what the grunting means)
-You reward all grownups attention with a smile (or if they´re really lucky happy cries along with crazy arms and legs). You are mildly and briefly interested in kids and babies seem to bore you.
-You grab blankets with both hand as if playing peek a boo.
-People always comment on your beautiful long lashes and your wide open eyes that seem to know much more than you let on.
-You seem to have developed outdoor allergies (sorry for the genes baby girl) and sneeze when you go near flowers or freshly cut grass.
-You are fascinated by dogs and little girls.
-You finally sleep swaddle free and look tiny in your huge, bare crib.
-I turn off the monitor to your 2 am cooing, gurgling kicking parties in the crib.
-You finally learned to sleep in the car (but you still cry if you are too tired) and best of all you can even nap in your stroller!
-Bye bye to those delicious three hour naps! A good nap is now maybe an hour and a half.
-Where did you get that those tall genes? You are in the 9th percentile while your daddy and I are pretty average sized!
-3 am is still feeding time and sometimes turns into party time or poop time…
-You love to see people working. You have quietly sat and stared while I give classes or go on job interviews.
-You have and amazing wardrobe thanks to your loving generous grandparents (and Phias hand me downs)
-You laugh like crazy when daddy rubs his beard against your belly, when I throw you up in the air, hold you while jumping in the trampoline or when you go on the swings in the park. (Your mommy is thrilled you are turning out to be an action adventure type just like her)

Baby girl, every day of these 5 months has added a new definition to the word love in our dictionary.

Hugs and Eskimo kisses,
Mommy and Daddy

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