26 Apr

Parenting lessons I´ve learned from naps:

-The only pattern Lu follows is not following a pattern. Every time I think I know how to put her down, how long she needs to sleep, where she sleeps best, she changes her mind.

-The womanly art of multitasking is acquired by baby girls while napping: Lu can kick her legs wildly, suck hungrily on her bottle, pinch my underarm… all while sleeping. Soundly.

-Who said clothes driers were made for such a simple task as drying clothes? They were clearly made for the much more complicated task of luring fidgety babies to sleep.

-Never say never. Lu NEVER slept in the car or the stroller. Until 2 weeks ago when she decided she ONLY sleeps in the car or the stroller.

-If you listen to a sound for enough time it starts to fade in the background. And I don´t mean Lu´s cries (I am still a sleep deprived but firm believer in the No cry deal) but to the Baby Einstein Lullabies CD which has more than once found its way into Devoted Daddy’s IPod random playlist and has taken us quite a few bars of Twinkle, Twinkle before the “Why are we listening to this crap?” hits us.

-A very good reason to have another baby is to have another round of naps against my shoulder.

-Sometimes you should listen to other people advice on naps. Like when they say you should nap while your infant naps, you definitely should. 1 month old Lu´s 2 hour naps have now turned into 45 minutes of driving around the block to avoid the wonderful suburbia traffic that somehow drives my peacefully sleeping baby to panicky tears. And everybody knows you can´t sleep and drive at the same time. Even if you are going round the block 100 times.

-Most sleeping advice books suck. They insist every baby is unique. Then they list the 4 or 5 categories all or this unique babies fit into. Finally they explain the ONE sleeping method that will work for every child. (My advice: patience and a lot of paying attention, a short 20 minute car seat power nap will sometimes mean a happy, playful Lu while a 2 hour darkened quiet room crib nap can mean a grouchy baby)

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