Back to work!!!

30 Apr

So it´s official July will be my last month as a stay at home mom. I could blog and blog about the complicated plans regarding this new working mommy lifestyle but I´d much rather write about how much I´m enjoying every second of this full time mommyhood in which I get to lay in bed while Lu sits in my fluffy post pregnancy stomach and tries to eat my nose.

Mommy´s belly is quite cushy

I´d rather write about how we have taken to napping under the trees surrounded by a carpet of jacaranda blossoms and how midday swims are not a luxury but a necessity because how would we get tired enough to nap otherwise? than about day cares and
I´d like to share how it takes me ages to change your diaper because I can´t resist kissing your tummy and hearing you laugh, how we visit the garden two or three times a day, how I change your outfit till you look just right (sorry nenita but everything looks cute on you)

Today I am not blogging about the new kids who I will walk into a classroom that will probably have Lu´s picture prominently displayed. And after reading this blog entry I am also not blogging about what I should be doing right now while Lu´s naps in her stroller. Today I won´t blog about lesson planning, clothes sorting or the mess that Lu´s room has become thanks to a lady who has tried to put up the curtains 5 (!!!!) times.

Today I´m sitting in the couch with the windows wide open to catch some breeze, drinking cold lemonade and alternating watching my sleeping daughter with writing about her.


2 Responses to “Back to work!!!”

  1. Youngest Auntie April 30, 2010 at 4:05 am #

    I miss my LU!!! She’s the most beautiful, adorable, smart baby in the world!
    And just to add some more wonderful thing’s about her…
    I just love the way she kicks! and how she looks with her hair bands! and her long long lashes!, And the way she opens her eyes when somthing surprise her!
    I just love to be her aunt!

  2. silenceandnoise April 30, 2010 at 2:22 pm #

    So lovely! There is still a lot of time until July! You have many many days as a stay at home mom and the best way to really enjoy every single one of them is to do exactly what you have done in this post!

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