Devoted Daddy

28 May

Devoted daddy has been away all week and we really, really miss him.  

Lu misses waking her early morning playmate using face slaps and bead grabbing. She misses falling asleep to a beautiful, soothing voice. She says playing shake the rattle with mommy is quite boring and flatly refuses to give Eskimo kisses to anyone that´s not her daddy.

And mommy misses sharing “tortas” and the highlights of the day while analyzing Lu´s every bowel movement and babble with someone who also finds it absolutely fascinating , she also misses having a Prince Charming gently reminding her that the clothes have been in the cleaners for a month. She misses going to sleep and waking up to the reassuring sound of heavy breathing, warm feet. She misses the soft hello and goodbye pecks and having someone sleepily  reply to her late night, meaning of life babbles. 

Devoted Daddy Lu and I want you to know that we love:

 -Your wonderful sense of humor, your honesty, loyalty, integrity and humanity,  your beautiful eyes and eyelashes (thanks for the genes daddy),  your steadiness, your huge passion for life and art, your patience with us silly girls, your discipline, your loving, kind, sweet nature…

We are very, very proud of you  and can´t wait to lie in the beach (eat sand) and listen to all of your adventures with the conquerors.


2 Responses to “Devoted Daddy”

  1. roncap May 28, 2010 at 10:32 am #

    Very heart warming.

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