On baby time

2 Jun

10 things I should be doing:

1. Working on my thesis
2. Reading for my thesis
3. Fixing the collapsed tile on our bathroom
4. Sorting through the insurance mess
5. Doing something about my appearance:
-Tons of gray hair and highlights to my shoulders
-Wardrobe that hasn´t really been updated since I got married and gained 20 kilos, which means no dressy or strappy shoes whatsoever, boot cut jeans that do not flatter my nonexistent bottom and hanging belly in anyway and dressy maternity shirts under which to hide the belly roll (s!)
-Huge, flabby, fluffy post pregnancy belly and those dam 20 kilos!
-Stretch marks
– Huge under eye circles
5. Lesson planning through the week and not the day before my lesson at 10 pm (besides Castle is on dammit)
6. Taking my car to the shop and the car wash. ASAP.
7. Going to bed before 12 pm.
8. Remembering my friends´ birthdays, where I left my car keys and my wallet and to pay.
9. Going on date nights
10. Actually plan what´s going to happen with Lu´s life once I go back to work.

10 things I am actually doing when Lu is awake:

1. Relishing warm weather with Lu: lots of swimming, walks in the park.
2. Taking lots and lots and lots of pictures.
3. Going to three different grocery stores in one day because either I keep forgetting stuff or I´m looking for items on sale (which my husband finds incredibly funny). And then spending ages at each one showing Lu all the fruits and veggies and letting her play with the crinkly packages.
4. Spending lots of time with Phia and my sister: ice cream, petting zoo, park, just hanging out on rainy days sipping tea and eating bread with mascarpone and honey (the best snack ever) and delighting in how our daughter play or fight together,.
5. Lazing around the bed in the morning letting Lu pull my hair, grab my nose, chew on my finger or pat my owl pajamas.
6. Making Lu laugh with the Toad Song or whatever works at the time. I´m a big Laughing Lu junkie.
7. Trying to make and eat meals while Lu bangs away on the pots and pans.
8. Washing bottles, sterilizing bottles, giving bottles. And changing explosive diapers. And washing the car seat after said “explosive diapers”
9. Staring at my daughter in awe and wonder.
10. Enjoying every second left of being an (almost) full time mommy.

10 things I am actually doing While Lu´s asleep
1. Tweeting
2. . Having really cool, long talks with husband (although he does fall asleep on me sometimes)
3. Reading and commenting on blogs
4. Writing blogs (mostly in my head, rarely on the computer)
5. Obsessing about how to get more people to read my blog.
6. Obsessing about how to get people who read my blog to actually comment on it.
7. Scrapbooking, filling Lu´s baby book, writing down a journal about life with Lu…
8. Reading reviews for restaurants and hotels I can´t afford
9. Watching CSI (it´s always on for some reason)
10. Window e-shopping and alternately cursing blessing Mexico City for not having Target, Children´s Place, Gymboree and International Shipping being to expensive to consider Etsy.


4 Responses to “On baby time”

  1. diana June 2, 2010 at 4:51 am #

    ..y quizás agregaría: analizar mucho, mucho mucho… cuando lu duerme y cuando lu está despierta…

  2. roncap June 2, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    5. Obsessing about how to get more people to read my blog.
    6. Obsessing about how to get people who read my blog to actually comment on it.

    I do this too for some reason, but the funny part is I would like people I do not know to read my blog. Its weird to me to have people I know read my blog and see the “deeper” part of me.

    No worries you will go on my blog roll so that all 9 subscribers can read your stuff.

  3. Lorena June 5, 2010 at 4:12 pm #

    Yo creo que te hace falta un buen día de spa… que te hagan un facial, te pinten el pelo, te lo despunten y no te enteres por un par de horas si Lu duerme o si está despierta…

  4. Mungee's Ma June 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm #

    I read your guest post at Accustomed Chaos and I wanted to let you know that you are a brave and strong woman!

    I wonder how to get people to comment on my posts too. I find that leaving a question at the end of a post sometimes elicits discussion 🙂

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