Baby at the Beach

16 Jun

We are back from Paradise! Devoted Daddy had been working nonstop and was finally able to take some time off so we got a great Hotwire hotel deal and used or frequent flyer miles to head to Playa del Carmen in the Mayan Riviera.
Traveling with Lu was a wonderful if complicated experience.
I´m not really want to go into how things that were once simple every day vacation stuff like packing, going trough security, eating a late dinner or sleeping in turns into an incredibly complicated experience when traveling with a baby. (If you´re a mom you already know and if you´re not well you have to experience it to really understand it)

But I do want to write about how traveling with our daughter has given us the incredible opportunity to see the ocean, feel the sand, listen to mariachis and taste papaya for the first time all over again. Like Lu, we were shocked to feel the cool ocean on our sweaty warm legs and the delighted in getting to see our feet trough the crystal clear Caribbean water. We smacked our lips as we had our first taste of that sweet and perfumed bright orange fruit called papaya. And I even got over my fear of clowns so that Lu could see a clown up close for the first time and effectively grab and chew his big red nose!


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