Old McDonald had a farm

21 Jun

Turtle slime


One of the many cool things I love about Lu is that she is so curious and adventurous. She thrives on new places, people and experiences which is great news for her hyper mommy who gets easily bored. So we have taken Lu on field trips to the San Juan Market, The Gazillion Bubble Show and playgrounds all around the city and it´s really cool to think that each one of this experiences are actually totally new for her. 

Lately she had been really interested in animals: she tries to pet doggies and kicks excitedly when we visit the pet store so last week my sis and I decided to take the girls to a really cool kiddie farm in which visitors get to pet bunnies, feed hens, milk cows, ride donkeys…

Bunny and Lu

Lu had a blast! She almost choked a tiny bunny, she laughed delightedly when a cow almost licked her face, she got slime under her fingernails when she scratched the turtle´s shell she fell in love with a donkey (pretty cute donkey to be fair) and finally passed out on her stroller. 

We´re trying to get in as many field trips as possible before I go back to work. Any ideas on cool field trips for babies?


One Response to “Old McDonald had a farm”

  1. Grace @ Arms Wide Open June 21, 2010 at 7:29 pm #

    we love going to the Zoo & the children’s science museum! We also love parks where there are fish, turtles, ducks, etc. Fun to feed them. 🙂

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