Lu rocks!

30 Jun

It´s been awhile since I´ve listed why Lu rocks so here goes:

-She LOVES walls and gets super excited every time she touches a wall with a new texture.

-She fiercely hangs on to her toys so that Phia won´t take them away but when she does she just moves on to a new one.

-She thinks our wound up toy collection is hilarious.

-She insists on feeding herself even if that means that the oatmeal that gets stuck inside her nose brings on sneezing attacks.

-Her favorite toys are a stuffed baby dinosaur, my car keys and a rubber ducky (she pats it like she´s petting it ).

-And speaking of petting she adores doggies and will happily

-She sings along to her daddy´s cello practice

-Every time she claps she looks around to see who´s noticing (and she also claps in her sleep!)

-She´s incredibly adjustable: sleeping over at her grandparents’, sleeping in the stroller, while we have dinner in a noisy restaurant, napping in the middle of the petting zoo.

-She looks up proudly when her bath time splashing soaks mommy and daddy.

-She clearly communicates her likes by laughing and babbling and her dislikes by grunting and shouting.

-She lays her head on my shoulder! She hold up her arms when she wants me to pick her up!

-She smiles at strangers from her stroller. It seems like the grumpier the stranger the bigger smile he gets.

-She has tried to eat: my knee, the dog´s ear, a centipede, a spicy chicharron taco, any type of printed paper (silly goat!), her grandfathers’ nose, Phias shoes…

-Her reflection in the mirror bring an instant delighted smile even in the middle of an enormous tantrum.

-She sometimes sleeps trough the night!

-She had what we call “mamitis” aka as stranger anxiety which means she throws herself into my arms. Yay!

-She has bright, sparkly eyes framed by lashed that stick together when they get wet.

-She loves Harry Belafonte


2 Responses to “Lu rocks!”

  1. Arturo Zaltzman June 30, 2010 at 3:07 pm #


  2. babyinbrooklyn July 1, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    Such a cutie! It looks like she’s drinking a mojito in that first picture 🙂

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