Toy Stories

15 Jul

On our last date night DD and I saw Toy Story 3. Yeah, we went to a kids movie on date night. And yeah my favorite all time movie is probably Monsters Inc or Coraline (which is NOT a kids movie). But my lousy taste in movies is not the point of this post. And there is a point. And I will get there. Eventually.
Ok. The thing is Toy Story 3 made us cry. A lot.  I´m still not sure if I was crying over the past (my poor lost Cricket doll) or the thankfully still distant future of Lu leaving home (hopefully when she gets married or finds a great job like a nice jewish mexican girl). I am not was not a crier. I didn´t cry when Jack left ose in Titanic. In fact, I clearly remember my bitter teenage self mocking the rest of my sniffing family.

But then came Lu.

I noticed something had changed  when I sniffled at the Johnson commercials in Baby Center but just blamed the PP hormones,  but when I cried, real, fat tears  as she clumsily grabbed a toy for the first time (a stuffed bug) I realized my “I´m so cool, I never cry” days where definitely history. 


That day I completely understood why parents shed tears in kindergarten graduations (are there kindergarten graduations in other places?), and why they  try their hardest to get their kids to do better that they did. Every time Lu reaches a milestone I feel this enormous sense of accomplishment  far much more intense than all my personal wow moments put together. And it´s not an “I always dreamed of being a dancer and my daughter is making my dream come true kind of feeling” or a “Wow I made a waving,smiling ,sitting person” kind of feeling either. It  it is just plain undiluted joy and wonderment  this wonderful, perfect, smart, huggable, adorable little humans existence.

I guess that means for me Lu came along with a Costco size box of Kleenex.

Oh and for the record my in-laws also cried buckets when they saw the same movie. You can tell they have three kids.


One Response to “Toy Stories”

  1. diana July 15, 2010 at 5:41 pm #

    y, para colmo, también lloré cuando leí tu post!!! creo q debes compartir los kleenex de costco!!

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