Violent Times

15 Jul

I love Mexico City passionately. My Mexico City Monday post tried to give readers a little piece of this warm, yummy, crazy City Lu is lucky to call home. I love exploring the City and enjoying its many perks (most of them free!)
Mexico City has a reputation as a dangerous city but like in all huge 20 million soul cities there are neighborhoods where you don´t want to walk at night and there are even neighborhood when you don´t want to walk at all. 10 years ago Polanco, Downtown and Condesa, the coolest neighborhoods in the City, where not considered “safe” but these days those neighborhoods are full of brand new parks, cool boutiques, trendy restaurants, music festivals, street fairs, flowers and trees and bike trails and Lu has happily visited tons of parks, festivals and markets.

However this term we have a President who decided to declare war on the Mexican Mafia (Cartels as we call them here) For 3 years we have been hearing of narcos killing each other, killing soldiers, killing cops. Not pretty, but when you haven´t even seen dope ever (pathetic huh?) it seems to be far, far away. But then last weekend some marines busted into some friends apartment at 2 am looking for some Mafia leader. My friend lives in a gated apartment complex (like most people our age, since houses are too expensive). To get to her apartment you there is not one, but two gates you have to cross which means that she obviously always felt pretty safe but now it turns out that our suburban young couples with kids and babies community is actually crawling with the war lords because they too are young couples eager looking for gates to keep the cops out and good schools close by.


One Response to “Violent Times”

  1. silenceandnoise September 28, 2010 at 2:28 pm #

    Yeah, this sounds familiar…

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