Loving it!

27 Jul

I loved tiny newborn Lu falling asleep on my stomach,  I cried excitedly the first time she grasped a toy, I became totally enslaved by her deep rumbly laugh and glowed with pride when she sat up by herself at 5 months but let me just say 8 month old Lu rules!

It is amazing to see how day by day Lu´s personality is emerging and,  I know I´m the mommy, but she´s turning out to be one cool baby.

She is brave and curious: she thinks a balloon popping on her hands is no big deal and thinks the swing is only fun is you push her hard. Scary for mommy hard. She has an excellent sense of humor and thinks feeding mommy her plastic fish is almost as funny  as grabbing daddy´s  BlackBerry when he´s not looking. 

She is very sociable and is fascinated by new people and new places. A bunch of kids or bubbles are met by wildly waving hands and excited screaming. She waves hi to anyone she meets with so much enthusiasm she uses both hands and claps whenever she hears anyone saying bravo (including another mommy saying bravo to the baby as he sat up for the first time in our Mommy and Me class).

She is strong and independent, she can keep herself entertained for a pretty long time and let´s you clearly know when she doesn´t agree with what you are doing (by shouting angrily and incredibly looking at us with tremendous disapproval).

She is also very verbal and babbles all day long. She delights us with frequent mamas and papas and  she also babbles what sounds like bravo (bavo), water (aga), and a bunch of  other unintelligible ga du ba sounds.

And she also has a major case of mamitis. I don´t really know the literal translation for  that word but it basically means that she cries when I leave the room (not cool),  that she throws herself into my arms when someone else is holding her (cool),  that she puts her head down against my shoulder when she is sad or tired (really cool) and that she looks at me proudly when she does something new.

I really, really love being Lu´s mom!


4 Responses to “Loving it!”

  1. Grace @ Arms Wide Open July 27, 2010 at 4:12 pm #

    Month 8 was my absolute favorite of all the baby months! Toddler-hood is an entirely different category – & it rocks!

  2. Maria Jose Athie July 28, 2010 at 6:00 am #

    I love the bolg, and have enjoyed readying and sharing it. I hope you’ll keep on writing and please let us know more about Lucy!!!

  3. Adriana July 29, 2010 at 2:32 am #

    Que increibles fotos y experiencias. Me encanta como compartes tu experiencia de ser mama. Wow tu blog Karen!

  4. diana July 29, 2010 at 3:41 am #

    qué te puedo decir?? estoy total y absolutamente de acuerdo con todo lo que dices y puedo agregar que yo, simplemente adoro ser la abuela de lucy!! q me maravillo cada vez q la veo, me vuelven loca sus caras, sus expresiones, cómo frunce su naricita, cómo se da a entender, cómo no para de hablar, sus carcajadas, creo q no acabaría de decir todo lo que me vuelve loca de lucy!!!la adoro, simplemente, a toda ella!!

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