Back into happy 200!

17 Sep

I ´m doing it! I´m  actually writing a new post for the first time in more than a month. It feels weird and a little awkward sort of like the first days when getting back with a boyfriend after a breakup. In my experience the best way to get over this weird stage is a quick heartfelt apology and then just pretending everything is fine and dandy, so here goes:

Sorry to my 2 devoted readers that I stopped writing, I really love blogging but the whole mommy to a mischievous 10 month old and teacher to 20 demanding 9 year olds has taken its toll…But I really do need a bit of time for myself and since doing something about my prematurely graying hair is clearly impossible, I´m back (tough I should actually be lesson planning).

I´m writing my first working mommy blog about my two favorite blog subjects: Devoted Daddy and Lu are awesome and Mexico is awesome. Yesterday was  Mexico´s 200th birthday and Lu actually went out at night for the first time in her life! She usually has a pretty strict bed time routine that ends with her softly snoring in her crib by 8 but we figured Mexico´s 200th Independence Day was worth staying up for so we dressed her up in an adorable Mexican outfit my dad got her and headed to a fiesta in my sister´s neighborhood.

Happy 200 Mexico!

We got there at about 8 . First Lu charmed everyone by waving hi in her super cute outfit, then she ate some cactus paddle salad, nutty fruity ground beef  and tortillas with beans, laughed delightedly when I bounced her on the bouncy castle and kicked delightedly when she saw all the decorations. She then rubbed her eyes and while i stood in line to get some more yummy antojitos Devoted Daddy put on Lu´s pajamas, fed her a bottle and put her down in her car seat (OMG what are we going to do when she gets to big for it). When I got there with our zucchini flower and Oaxaca cheese quesadillas I only took sticking  the paci in her mouth for her eyelids to start to flutter. We had a great time eating way too much (if you´ve had Mexican antojitos you know they´re addictive), chatting with the family and  watching the amazing parade going down Reforma Avenue on TV.

Mexi cousins

At around 10:45 people started passing around noisemakers and flags and at exactly 11 am the whole very, very noisy crowd quieted down in order to listen to Felipe Calderón, the Mexican president shout in an excited voice “Viva México” to which the whole country replied with a heartfelt “Viva” which of course woke up Lu. I immediately took her  from the cars eat ready to find a quiet spot to quiet my wiling baby  but our happy silly baby girl sniffed a couple of time while looking around at the excited faces and then promptly started laughing. A couple of minutes later when the fireworks started I warped a blanket around her sleep sweaty body and carried her outside (much to the concern of everyone there “Oh she´s going to cry when she hear the fireworks” they assured me) 

I pointed my finger so she would look up and see the first shower of sparks. I didn´t have to point out the second one tough, since when she heard the sharp crack that mean the firework had been set off she raised her face expectantly at the sky waiting for the sparks to bathe her with their light once again! I thought I would burst with love and pride then and there at seeing the wonder and excitement with which Lu welcomes every new experience into her live.

Oh and did I mention that this also means she understands cause and effect??? And that she has started to say words like mama, dada, pato (duck), bravo, hola (hello) and guagua (doggie). And that she sort of crawls? And that she has curls in her hair like her daddy? And that she loves books and smiles when the baby in her book looks happy?


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