Almost 1!

19 Oct

Lu is 11 months old! Just a couple of measly weeks away from saying bye-bye to babyhood. I’ve written plenty of times about me not being one of those I miss my darling baby type of mommies, I love kids and I think having my own kid is going to be a blast HOWEVER when yesterday I saw Lu confidently standing up holding on to a drawer wearing shoes and I did get misty eyed. She actually looked like a big kid mischievously pulling bibs out of the drawer, making sure Devoted Daddy and I were checking out her antics.

11 month old Lu is even more fun than 10 month old Lu. This month she suddenly began to understand all our words and gets excited when we ask her if she wants to eat or go to the park or have a bottle. She also takes after her mommy in her nonstop talking, sometimes actual words like mama, papa, no, mam (food) ta (ahi esta which is actually the mexican version of peek a boo: Where´s Lu? There she is! Ahi esta!) but most of the time it´s mostly unintelligible permanent jabbering. She also mimics cows, dogs, cats and lions “rrrrrrr”, she knocks on doors with her hands while going knock-knock, brushes her hair and thinks feeding mommy is the funniest thing ever.

She crawls around everywhere and loves playing hide and seek. She seems to be drawn to danger (the fridge door almost closed on her!) and we find new places to baby proof every single day since her favorite toys are drawers, cabinets, doors and toilets.

She also loves people and thrives when she gets their attention. A nice smile or wave can get her incredibly excited. She is also starting to get over her separation anxiety. She still goes straight into my arms no matter who she is with (Yay!) but she happily explores and plays by herself for a pretty long time. She also really loves her daddy and excitedly cries out papa when he gets home from work.

She is still a foodie baby. Her favorites are udon noodles (which she loves to slurp) and avocado (ewwwwww takes after her daddy there). But the only food she has tried and hated so far is Oaxaca cheese.

Her hair has gotten really curly which is a bit scary since anyone who has seen me can confirm that hairdos are not my strength (my hair is usually messily loose or messily ponytailed) but she has two curly haired aunties to help me out.

So even tough I miss the tiny infant who only slept in my arms when I try to rock her to sleep nowadays and she struggles to get to her crib, getting to know the persona my baby girl is becoming is the best!


3 Responses to “Almost 1!”

  1. Arturo October 19, 2010 at 2:52 pm #

    Esta eres tú

  2. diana October 20, 2010 at 8:41 am #

    estoy de acuerdo en que cada día que pasa Lucy es más y más adorable y que, en la medida en que ella descubre el mundo, nos permite descubrir la personita increíble que lleva dentro!

  3. silenceandnoise November 8, 2010 at 2:08 pm #

    Almost one!! Wow! I think you can’t help getting emotional when your kids get one year older. Maybe it fades away by the time they turn 10 (15?) (20?) (30?) (never?), but turning one is a big big deal!!
    She looks adorable in the photo! (:

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