Lu´s first year in favorites

13 Nov

1 month

Sleeping swaddled snuggly

Having your head jiggled in daddy’s palm

Napping in mommy’s chest

Warm (hot!) baths with lots of water (no matter what baby books say)

2 months

Being naked in the warm sun

Staring at your black and white mobile

Your swing

Your flower pacifier

Sleeping in our arms

Daddy singing Jesus Christ Superstar

Your special anti reflux formula!

3 months

 The horsey and the bunny on the Tiny Love Mobile (you ignore the ostrich tough)

Mommy blowing raspberries on your belly

The blue robe hanging from the hook over your bathtub

Your grandpa singing DayO

The blue teddy bear

Babies cloth book

Trees moving in the breeze

Bouncing in the bouncer

Ticklish diaper changes


4 months

Kicking away on any flat surface

Yoga breathing

Your hands are the ultimate toy

Mommy singing Itsy Bitsy Spider while daddy dresses you

Grabbing people’s faces

Baby Einstein Lyullabies CD (we hated then tough)

The floppy stuffed bunny

Sophie the giraffe

5 months

Sucking your toes

The big girl swing!

Splashing in the tub and in the pool (Hooray for warm weather)

Little girls fussing over you

Playing with any type of crinkly bag (chips bags are your favorites)

Daddy beard tickling your tummy

 Mexican braided rattle (it doesn’t hurt when you bang your head)

Slapping the table

The singing toucan lantern (the singing cracks you up)


6 months

Eating chayote!

Chewing on kitchen utensils while sitting in the Bumbo chair

Exploring the sound your different rattles make

Chewing on anything and everything

You happily call out whenever you see a doggie and try to pull Tina´s tail

Slapping the table

Giving yourself oatmeal facials while “eating”

Showers make you laugh out loud

Napping on the beach


7 months

Eating and playing with bananas, pears, papaya, spinach, chard and pasta!

Baby Einstein Excersaucer

Dodo the Monkey

The dancing Princess Piano

Chewing on the foam floor

Phia visits

Your granddad’s nose and your grandma’s handbag

Sleeping over at Taty and Zeide´s

Shows: Disney on Ice, Gazillion Bubble Show (yes you are a little bit young but hey you love them and you get in for free)

8 months

Avocado! Eating it, mashing it, stuffing

Watching the animals at the pet store

Trepsi kiddies music over and over and over and over and over again

Seeing the carrousel (tough not necessarily riding it)

Mommy’s Blackberry

Fisher price Farm

Standing up no matter how much your mommy and me teachers tells you not to.

Books! Your favorites are I Love You trough and Trough, Puppies (with dady´s sound effects) and Farm Animals

Daddy’s and mommy’s wind up toy collection


9 months

Talking (you never stop!)

Food that actually tastes like something. You tried and loved udon soup, miso soup, curry potatoes, cous cosu, calabacitas, pasta soup, asparagus

Slides, swings and trampolines

Hugging daddy’s stuffed Nietzsche

The stuffed duck (you yell “Duck!” when you see it)

Eating paper (receipts and magazines are your favorites)

Standing up grabbing onto furniture

Crawling  after mommy

Dancing along to Ducks Dance Too

Kleenex boxes, Tupperware

Bubbles, the bigger the better

Knocking doors while going “Toc, toc, toc”

 10 months

Fireworks at the Independence Day party

Thai coconut milk, lemongrass soup

Feeding yourself

Giraffes at the zoo


Playing peek a boo after your bath

The magna doodle magnetic pencil (weird but at grandmas you hang on to it for dear life.

Singing and clapping along to Trepsi kiddie music (while daddy and I slowly go nuts hearing The Wheels on The Bus for the 1000th time)

The Backyardigans Show or so your grandparents say since we weren’t invited.

11 months

Brushing my hair

Feeding people your toys

Books, especially the GRANDE (big) Book. When we read it aloud you shout “grandeeee!” when we get to the pop up pages.

Opening and closing drawers, cabinets, doors (which has meant heavy baby proofing efforts)

Seeing kids in costumes trick or treating.

Cactus paddles (nopalitos)

Your pacifier all day every day

Bouncing on your knees

Your pushcart, you call it cotetito or little car  

Musi music class with aunt Ni


One Response to “Lu´s first year in favorites”

  1. diana November 16, 2010 at 12:23 am #

    me encantó el resumen que hiciste!!wow! cuantas cosas en tan poco tiempo! que rápido se pasó y que manera de aprovecharlo!!

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