Party Girl

12 Dec

Lu turned 13 months yesterday and bad mamma that I am writing her birthday party post one month late but it was such a beautiful, fun party I really think it deserves a post.

Originally we had planned a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds themed small, intimate party but somehow we ended up with a huge (and I mean Mexican style extended family great aunts and uncles huge) kid filled party and I am thrilled to say everyone had a great time, especially the birthday girl.

The party was held in our apartment building’s beautiful garden.  I love themes so I tried to fill the party with rainbows which remind me of Lu´s cheerful, colorful personality. We put up crepe paper rainbow-colored flowers and hot air balloons (courtesy of the wonderful party wonderland Sonora Market) along with rainbow-colored balloons, mega sequins and a Lucy sign. We (and by we I mean my mom, Lu´s nanny and me) painted and planted tiny potted plants in rainbow-colored pots. The garden looked beautiful but the best rainbow theme was found in Lu´s super cute handmade outfit:

The amazing tutu and rainbow painted High Tops were my mom’s handiwork and the embroidered appliquéd T shirt was made by Lu´s nanny.

The food was delicious: a waffle and pancake bar for the kids along with some rainbow colored Fruit Pebbles treats (same recipe as Rice Krispies treats but made from Fruit Pebbles) juice boxes and water bottles. The grown ups had their own menu featuring fresh fruit kebabs, poblano crepes and sun dried tomato quiche. There were also sliced carrots, jicamas and cucumbers with lime and chili and some veggie chips.

The activities where a probably the most complicated part to plan since the guests ages ranged form a couple of months to 7 year olds with most of the guests falling into the toddler or preschooler category. Finally I decided on a lot of activity stations: a sensory station featuring oatmeal, amaranth, Jell-O and shredded paper tub;, a water play station with a water table and a tub filled with toys and a tiny amount of water; an art station with fruit loop necklaces, finger-painting, watercolor painting, Play-Doh modeling and best of all carton playhouse decorating and finally an active play station with Little Tike ride on cars, a bouncy castle, a swing set and a trampoline. 

The activities worked wonderfully and all of the 25 kids had a blast but the best part was that Lu enjoyed every second of her special day. She bounced on the trampoline wearing a tutu, got soaked on the water table, bounced in the trampoline again, dug into the oatmeal and Jell-O like a champ, ate some finger paint and Fruit Loops, bounced on the trampoline again, hit her beautiful rainbow colored handmade piñata, tried the bouncy castle and decided the trampoline was much better, stared at a bunch of crazy grown ups who sang Happy Birthday,   ate tons of multicolored  frosting and fed some to mommy, daddy and Phia, bounced on the trampoline some more and finally fell asleep for a 3 and a half hour nap. She clapped, laughed, smiled, bounced and smiled all day long showing us that she definitely is like a rainbow.


2 Responses to “Party Girl”

  1. diana December 13, 2010 at 12:16 am #

    coincido contigo: la fiesta estuvo maravillosa, las actividades increíbles, la cmida deliciosa, pero Lucy… lucy fue absolutamente el alma de la fiesta!!!!! su capacidad para disfrutar TODO es taaaan maravillosa….
    es, verdaderamente, una lucesita tan brillante…

  2. silenceandnoise December 15, 2010 at 4:05 am #

    Wow!! I love it! Such a cute party 🙂
    Happy Birthday, Lucy!! I hope you have a blast being one. Keep being adorable, happy and very healthy!! Kisses to you, sweet doll! ❤

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