My little chatterbox

22 Dec

Can´t talk with a mouthful of spoon I am a talker. My mom says I started early and never stopped but Lu is giving me a run for my money. Poor Devoted Daddy seems to be surrounded by two chattering cockatoos (we do let him speak. sometimes.) Lu is 13 months old and seems to learn a new word every day which makes communicating with her a lot easier. She now has words or specific sounds for: water, milk, , mommy, daddy, pasta, grandma, Phia, duck, cow, dog, eat, cat, baby, girl, boy, play, toy, shoes, ball, sun, moon, balloon, crib, apple, banana, book, hands, feet, music, car, drum. She also surprises us with some weird and difficult words like: papaya, guitar and cello (Devoted Daddy plays the guitar and the cello by the way). She points at what she wants and says either "want" or "this" She also loves "reading" books to her stuffed animals and is babbling incredibly complicated phrases non-stop. But the best word is the cherry "Hola!" which is the first word she uses to greet us when we peek into her crib in the morning. Some other really cute non chatterbox related cuteness: -The food dance: L really, really loves to eat. Sometimes she likes the food she’s eating so much she shakes her shoulders and arms in what we call the happy food dance. -Feeding everything: her stuffed doggie, her socks, her dollies, the chair all seem to want a taste of whatever imaginary food is in her spoon. The eating always includes sound effects so that we are absolutely sure they are eating something yummy. }-Imitating people who laugh! I love this one because her laugh is really deep and throaty for some reason...-Singing and dancing along with the Trepsi kiddie music I always play in the car (much to Devoted daddy’s misery)-Wagging her finger and saying “no, no, no” with a huge smile on her face when she is about to do something she shouldn’tSushi rice yum!



One Response to “My little chatterbox”

  1. diana December 22, 2010 at 3:53 pm #

    me vuelve loca su baile de la comida!!!!
    me vuelve loca cómo habla, como se ríe, como se da a entender…. en resumen: me tre loca!!

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