Beach Baby II

22 Jan

Having two sets of doting parents is the best:

-Four people who are always thrilled to see Lu and take her for the hundredth time to walk around the restaurant or see abuelitos miniature collection again and again and again.

-Two sets of cool houses to explore with super special toys and STAIRS! (very important for a little girl who loves climbing and lives in an apartment)

 -Lots and lots of crazy, funny doggies who really love food throwing babies and even let them pull tails and ears.

 -Mommy and daddy actually get to sit down and eat while someone else keeps Lu from stabbing herself with a fork, feeding her broccoli to the dogs or getting a cool noodle wig.

But best of all having two sets of grandparents means sometimes we get two different Mexican beach winter vacations: beautiful Playa del Carmen and super fun Ixtapa. Here are some vacation highlights in pictures

Lu actually started saying sea, sand, fish, bird inspired by the beautiful place

Pizza in the kiddie pool? Why not?

Club Med Ixtapa (Baby Paradise!!!! Try it!)

Hours and hours and hours playing in the pool

Beautiful sandy warm sea sunsets every day!


One Response to “Beach Baby II”

  1. babyinbrooklyn January 22, 2011 at 7:10 pm #

    Oh that sunset picture is gorgeous! We’ve been toying with the idea of a vacation in Playa del Carmen at some point in the future. Though on a day where the high in NY is going to be 20 degrees I wish it was TODAY!!

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