We have a toddler!

19 Jul

Dear Lu,

I think I’ve started a couple of posts stating that you are at my favorite age, but hey, I didn’t don’t know what’s it like to have a 20 month old until you turned 20 months right? The thing is that you rule and after a crazy, crazy teacher mommy school year I’m back to blogging so that I can tell you all about it:

You are a happy, funny, bright, spirited, delight of a toddler. You’re beautiful with your curly hair, tiny nose and bright, long lashed eyes but the thing that stands out the most is your chatterboxy, sparkling personality. You talk nonstop in really amazing, complicated, third person phrases, which sometimes include questions and answers “Lu quiere cenar? Sí, Lu quiere cenar patita? (Lu wants dinner? Yes, Lu wants pasta for dinner)”

Isn´t she lovely?

You are truly your daddy’s daughter: you love books and music. You know your favorite books by heart and demand to sit on my lap and read “Trucas”. Music is a big part of our lives: your daddy plays the guitar and the cello and you firmly state that you (Lucy toca piano) play the piano. You know the words to lots of songs in Spanish and in English (you’re rendition of Twinkle; Twinkle is fantastic considering the only words you know in English are “hello” and the numbers from 1 to 10). You especially love the HI5 theme song, BINGO, Skip to my Loo and all the Trepsi and Musi songs. You also know the names of lots of instruments and yell “Lenny!” whenever you see a conductor on TV (because of Leonard Bernstein, of course) and love imitating you older cousin Phia when she dances ballet.

You are incredibly independent and  can play by yourself for hours: the Little People play sets, your play dishes as well as every stuffed animal and doll you own are particular favorites. You really like other kids and happily say “Hola!” to everyone. You adore your cousin Sophia and
scream like a teenager in a rock concert every time you see her. You can also name your friends from school, swimming and music.

Phia and Lu BFF

You love to laugh and find certain words hilarious: cupo (fit), eco, macarron, fuff, muela (molar). You hear us say the word and start laughing like crazy, then you say the word out
loud and start laughing all over again. You also love tickles and visits from the mommy tickle monster.

You are incredibly clever! A couple of days ago you wanted to color on my bed and I reminded you that “we only color on top of a table while seating on a chair” so you calmly turned around and came back into my room carrying one of your plastic chairs, which you placed by my dresser and started to color because mommy said you needed a table and chair. You also have an incredible memory: not only do you know all of your books by heart but you also know the names of every single member of our extended family and delight us all by enthusiastically
greeting them by name.

Lulita mi amor, we adore you and love the wonderful adventure that means being your

Love always and forever

Mamita y papi


7 Responses to “We have a toddler!”

  1. diana July 19, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    estamos totalmente de acuerdo en todo lo que dicen y para nosotros ha sido una de las aventuras más maravillosas de la vida tener la oportunidad de disfrutar cada minuto que podemos con ella… nos llena y da vida… su personalidad tan independiente, tan luminosa…no se me ocurre otro nombre mejor para ella!!!!!!!! sobre todo, cuando ella lo dice!!!! te adoramos, lucesita! abuelis y abuediana

  2. becky July 20, 2011 at 6:21 am #

    me encanto el regreso del blog… es increible toas las cosas tan maravillosas que los hijos hacen a pesar de ser tan pequenitos. Estoy seguro que para tu nena cuando cresca sera increible leer todo lo que escribes y ver reflejado en tus palabras el gran gran amor que le tienes. Me encanto Karen.
    un beso

    • mommyandlu July 21, 2011 at 2:33 am #

      Gracias por leerme y por comentar! Exactamente esa es la idea porque el tiempo pasa tan rápido, a veces me gustaría poder tener una cámara tipo Reality Show para guardar cada segundito!

  3. Velia July 22, 2011 at 1:27 am #

    Qué gran regalo para tí, la capacidad de plasmar tan bellamente tu experiencia como madre, y para tu hijita cuando crezca , y a su vez SUUUS hijos (OORALE!!!!) lean lo que escribía su abuelita Karen de su mamá!!!! Creo que me pasé, pero así visualicé to prosa que es un poema.
    Te quiero mucho, Karencita.

    • mommyandlu July 22, 2011 at 2:56 am #

      Gracias por comentar, me encanta poder compartir contigo
      Luv ya too!

  4. Mariana Iberri August 4, 2011 at 3:26 am #

    Karen, me encanta lo que escribes, esta increible Lucy. Te mando un beso. Mariana

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