School Days

21 Jul

Lu started school last February after her long time nanny simply disappeared. On Monday
she simply didn’t show. No warning, no notice, she just vanished. So I called school and my wonderful, caring, understanding principal gave me a week off to figure out a new arrangement. I called a tiny preschool that had extended hours and miraculously they welcomed us with open arms agreeing for her to start the induction process the very next day. That Tuesday I knocked on the door and a pretty young teacher opened the door said hi and extended her arms to Lu who happily left without looking back leaving me… speechless. That was it? Bye- bye baby girl? What happened to the tears, the clinging, the anxiety? So while my baby happily discovered a room full of new toys her mommy filled out forms and tried not to cry while peeking at the web cam conveniently located in the classroom for nervous mommies like me. 45 minutes later Lu was focally a student and was led down to me by the same nice teacher. The next days Lu left happily with the teacher and to tell the truth I felt pretty relived that I had such an adaptable, easygoing daughter. However next week my husband called me miserable after having dropped Lu off amidst an ocean of tears and wails. Ok, I´ll admit I was warned that when she realized that this arrangement was permanent she wasn’t going to like it but I still hoped, or rather my guilt still hoped, that she absolutely loved school and would never cry. But she did cry. For a couple of weeks. But then she really did love it.


It’s tough to say how much of the wonderful kiddo Lu is has something to do with school or
if she would have turned out the same if she would have had her mommy with her 24 -7 but the Montessori Preschool did teach her a lot of cool stuff:

  • Reciting the days of the weeks and the months (not exactly Montessori but a great
    grandparent trick)
  • Putting things away
  • Coloring and playing with Play Doh on the table and not on the bed. Or the rug. Or the
  • Playin with other kids nicely and sharing toys.
  • The “Baile del Sapo” song (really cool since I loved that song growing up)
  •  Montessori language: Lu doesn’t play with toys at school, she “works” with “material”
  •  Eating with a spoon and drinking from a cup.

Last week was her last week at this tiny and warm preschool. This August Lu starts big girl school (which also happens to be my workplace). Her 5 minute drive in mommy’s or daddy’s car to her tiny 8 kid classroom will be replaced by long bus ride to a 20 kid classroom at the preschool of our dreams. We are all really excited about this new phase in her life (Lu screams the schools name followed by “Big bus!” all the time) but we are also shocked that our baby is actually ready to go to a “real” school on a “real” bus.

Lu and Phia at the End of the Year Festival. Lu danced to a classic mexican baby chick lullaby.


One Response to “School Days”

  1. jaqui July 22, 2011 at 3:20 am #

    somos fans de lu y tu blog .. bienvenida. para algo son buenas las vacaciones, se tiene tiempo de retomar las cosas olvidadas

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