1 Aug

Top 5 Stay at home Fun

1. Read BOOKS on the floor with mommy or on the couch with daddy (who doesn´t do floors!)

2. Feed Little People pretend food using play dishes all over the house.
3. Eat junk food: Paleta Payaso followed by Totis followed by ice cream with sprinkles followed by a lollipop followed by gummy bears followed by chocolate covered raisnas (ok not really but she would if she could)
4. Watch the same 3 Trepsi DVD´s over and over again. (although lately Elmo and Dora have been added to the repertoire)
5. Sing, dance, play instruments along with daddy.

Top 5 Outdoor Fun

1. Jump, run and fall on the trampoline

2. Climb and slide off grassy hills. Damp grass makes you go faster!
3. Chase bubbles. Try to blow bubbles. Spill bubble soap trying to blow bubbles.
4. Give mommy heart attacks insisting you are ready to climb the big kid slides even tough you aren’t even 2 yet.
5. Excitedly exclaim over animals. Proceed to try to eat worms, crush snails and pet spiders.


Top 10 Foods (because 5 just aren’t enough)
1. Anything that can be eaten with a spoon.
2. Any pasta, anytime. (Especially Mac and Cheese for breakfast)

3. Gummy anything
4. Anything with gummies. (extra points for marshmallows)
5. Broccoli, cactus paddles and zucchini..
6. Mango, papaya, watermelon and strawberries

7. Apple soda
8. Froot Loops (What is with kids and this stuff? It’s awful!)
9. Fries
10. Coconut lime Thai Soup (I swear.. she gobbles the stuff)


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