About me

I was born 30 years ago on a warm April Mexico City night.
10 years ago I met a guy who won my heart reading Neruda poems and whispering beautiful songs into my ear.
5 years ago we got married and moved into a homey powder blue apartment surrounded by beautiful gardens. On the very same year (1 month difference) I got hooked on the light that shines in kids eyes when they finally get long divisions.
5 months ago beautiful tiny baby Lu gave a whole new meaning to the world love.
laughing, soft baby hair, teaching, helping, reading, cooking, family, swimming, skiing, party planning, traveling, baby clothes shopping, Amelie, Love Actually, Star Wars, X men, Monsters Inc, amusement and water parks, most Woody Allen films, Rayuela by Julio Cortazar, Ruth Reihl, The Never Ending Story by Michael Ende, Hernandez poetry, Dr. Seuss, Beethoven, Beatles, Beach Boys, Cafe Tacuba, Mecano, pasta, tamales oaxaqueños, chocolate chip cookies, rice, mango, french fries, tea time, hummus, sopes, Iron Chef America, Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, CSI Miami, Lost, Downtown Mexico City, Michoacán Lake Region, Puerto Vallarta, Jerusalem, San Francisco, Atitlan Lake Guatemala, New York, picnics, hot tubs, interactive museums, massages, cool hotels, huge towels, soft sheets, train rides, sunny windy days, aquariums.

Intolerance, indifference, lukewarm people, avocado, rudeness, traffic, cold hands and feet, pretentious people and places, ugly impersonal buildings.


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