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Summer time

8 Aug

I really love Mexico and being a Mexican however I’m a sucker for summer American Dream style. See, summer vacation inMexicostarts until July when the gorgeous, warm workdays of May and June have given way to rainy, damp and sometimes downright colds days. So while its fun to put on raincoats and splash in puddles while I dream of summers like these:

Summer dreaming

And instead get summers like these:

Our summers

However this summer was quite different as it meant sharing every day with my toddler who is always eager to explore… I won’t lie and say that I don’t keep on dreaming of someday renting a house on the beach and wearing flip flops every single day for a month but having Lu 24/7  during the whole month was a fantastic (and exhausting) experience.

Lu has always been a curious and active but she is at a stage where she thoroughly enjoys new experiences. The don’t have to be incredible life altering moments like going to the zoo and seeing a panda bear eat bamboo branches out of a cereal box, (I have no idea why the bamboo shoots were in a cereal box but Lu was delighted that the panda eat cereal “Like Lucy”), riding a kiddie boat ride in the amusement park for the first time or climbing a fire truck and dressing as a firefighter at the Children’s    Museum (which rules, if you ever visit Mexico  with or without kids go! It’s fantastic!).

Lu the firewoman


While all this field trips where fantastic Lu seemed to be as excited by eating a congelada at the park, seeing a real live snail in the garden or splashing in a puddle for the first time  (and getting soaked in the process).


Rainy day jeans at the playground

So while I still hope that next year the beach house dream will come true I also look forward to getting another chance to get excited about rain boots, Play Doh birthday cakes, feeding bunnies and eating popsicles in the garden.


Laughing out loud

1 Mar

Ever since I can remember I´ve loved babies laughing and squealing when they are thrown up in th air but I´ve never dared do it to someone else’s baby.  Last Friday it came up in a conversation that you can mock throw babies up in the air when they hold up their head really good. “Hey!”  I thought “Lu´s head is pretty steady now” So I raised her up in the air. The first time she just looked down at me with a surprised expression but after two or three more times her deep laugh came bubbling out!  

I´m  enjoying this whole motherhood thing sooooo much. I finally have my own laughing air born baby!

Nap Time, Sleep Time

27 Feb


I´m writing this post with one hand since the other one is busy holding Lu´s hands so that she doesn´t smack herself awake. When she went down for her nap she was tightly swaddled in her baby straight jacket -miracle blanket but this baby girl has Houdini like abilities and her hands somehow always wiggle free. 

Napping  has probably been the number one issue with Lu since she stopped automatically falling asleep after eating at about 2 months. I spend big parts of the day trying to get her sleep cues before the too tired to sleep monster comes in and turns happy, silly, intense Lu into screaming, huge tear spilling, intense Lu.  Now days Lu can fall asleep easily if: 

a) She´s not too tiered 


b) She sucks on my pinkie! That´s right Lu doesn´t like pacifiers or her thumb but she love my pinkie which I rather like but it´s getting to be a problem because it means that if someone else tries to put her down it usually means some (or a lot) of tears. 

So this means that I´ve added more stuff to the things I promised I´d never do, especially the pinkie thing. Mostly because I´m super fine with the whole idea now, I love the idea of having a connection, especially since I couldn´t breastfeed but I really don´t want a 3 year old needing my finger to fall asleep.

Pinkie Magic

Blog mind

23 Feb

It´s pretty scary: I have started thinking in blog posts!  Like yesterday at 4.30 am Lu decided to get up not to eat but to partyyyy. She woke up smiling and blabbing, ate 5 ounces like a champ, got her diaper changed and was laid back on her bassinet. But  instead of falling asleep she started chattering and  moving around like crazy…

While all this was happening since I´m supposed to be all silent during night time feedings I was silently writing a post about my experience in  my head. It wasn´t the first or only time that happened. A couple of times this weekend I found myself thinking “Oh I definitely want to blog about this” But since I tutor children with and my student is about to ring the bell I´ll just share a brief list of possible post subjects:

Lu´s thought calypso music and mommies attempt to rock her to sleep at her play group were laugh out loud funny.

When my brother in law complained about the special treatment mommies get  from babies I couldn´t help but smile. Lu has a special “Oh mommy you´re so silly but I love you”  smile especially for me.

I love being outside of my house so I have a tough time adapting to a baby who loves nothing more than to sleep in her quiet, calm, peaceful house.

Play groups are the best. I have 5 high school friends with babies: the oldest is 6 months the youngest is 1 moth. I love that we get to talk about milestones, post baby sex and diaper content  and everyone is really, really interested.

Devoted daddy is very, very musical. He writes songs, plays guitar, base and cello and used to be in a band  but I NEVER ever sings but since Lu was born I love family sing along.. Lu seems to really like when her daddy and I sing together. I love having such a devoted audience.

I need to upload a picture of Lu´s kiss me face. She loves kissing attacks and gets her little face ready when she sees me coming close by shutting her eyes and smiling! How cute is that!

Never say never

20 Feb


This is a confession:

So I got pregnant with Lu at the same time some of my friends were pregnant with their THIRD baby. I got married 4 years ago and was in no hurry to have babies so I had a lot of time to talk to my husband about all that stuff that I  was NOT going to do or say. And then  Lu was born and I:

– Started talking about Lu´s every milestone to anyone who would listen (and that doesn´t mean that they are interested just that they don´t change the subject) 

– Give Lu a voice. I am constantly having conversations with people that star with Lu says….

– Complain about how tired I am and how I don´t have time for anything… I always thought that being a full time mommy was so easy that I had a million projects and plans ready while the next school year started and I went back to work. Well guess what my thesis is still unwritten, Lu´s baby book still has only bits of random information  and sometimes I don´t even shower till 12 or 1. Oh and even though I don´t complain about being tired I do nap. A lot.

-I am fascinated by Lu´s poop, snot, spit up and I analyze a lot of her diapers.

 -I don´t want to go back to work (and I really, really loved being a teacher)

-I peck Lu´s mouth which I always thought was weird and sort of gross…

– I play dress up with her


I was happily blogging at 11 pm while Lu slept and Devoted Daddy watched Gladiator on TV when we started hearing weird thuds on the monitor. We turned the screen on and saw a pair of tiny legs kicking wildly and actually moving the image around. I got a bit alarmed and when to check on Lou. When I peeked into her bassinet I saw in fact a pair of wildly thrashing legs but mostly a delighted, huge, gummy smile. Apparently Lu decided there was a party in her crib tonight. One hour and two diaper changes later I am sitting besides her hearing her loud complaints over my silly idea that the party is over.