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Summer time

8 Aug

I really love Mexico and being a Mexican however I’m a sucker for summer American Dream style. See, summer vacation inMexicostarts until July when the gorgeous, warm workdays of May and June have given way to rainy, damp and sometimes downright colds days. So while its fun to put on raincoats and splash in puddles while I dream of summers like these:

Summer dreaming

And instead get summers like these:

Our summers

However this summer was quite different as it meant sharing every day with my toddler who is always eager to explore… I won’t lie and say that I don’t keep on dreaming of someday renting a house on the beach and wearing flip flops every single day for a month but having Lu 24/7  during the whole month was a fantastic (and exhausting) experience.

Lu has always been a curious and active but she is at a stage where she thoroughly enjoys new experiences. The don’t have to be incredible life altering moments like going to the zoo and seeing a panda bear eat bamboo branches out of a cereal box, (I have no idea why the bamboo shoots were in a cereal box but Lu was delighted that the panda eat cereal “Like Lucy”), riding a kiddie boat ride in the amusement park for the first time or climbing a fire truck and dressing as a firefighter at the Children’s    Museum (which rules, if you ever visit Mexico  with or without kids go! It’s fantastic!).

Lu the firewoman


While all this field trips where fantastic Lu seemed to be as excited by eating a congelada at the park, seeing a real live snail in the garden or splashing in a puddle for the first time  (and getting soaked in the process).


Rainy day jeans at the playground

So while I still hope that next year the beach house dream will come true I also look forward to getting another chance to get excited about rain boots, Play Doh birthday cakes, feeding bunnies and eating popsicles in the garden.