Confessions of a Foodie Mom

1. I had my first taste of  street food at 10 months (according to my mom). She gave me some mashed potato from inside her quesadilla. Lu hasn´t tried street food yet, but she loves the tofu that comes with Japanese miso soup.

2. I am ridiculously proud of Lu´s sophisticated palate. She loves  Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Italian food, especially all dishes that have pasta.      

3. I´m addicted to Iron Chef America, Top Chef Masters and Ramsey Kitchen Nightmares (if we got more cooking shows in Mexico I´d probably be addicted  to them all)

3. I love reading about food. Cookbooks are OK but my favorites are  restaurant reviews that almost make you taste the food at restaurants at which I´ll probably never eat (unless I win the lottery) My favorite is Garlic and Sapphires by  Ruth Reichl.

4. I love truffle oil, prawns, crab legs, lobster, mesculum, risotto, goat cheese and Thai and Indian curries but I also love cold, dry mac and chesse, cold, canned Clam Chowder, cold Spaghetti O´s  (do you see a theme here?) and I am devoted to French fries with hummus and ketchup.   

 5.  Mexican food is my favorite! Oaxacan tamales,  sopes, potato and cheese quesadillas, enfrijoladas, tough nothing beats a good plate of beans and Mexican rice.

6. Lu is one year old and she already eats like a little mexican. She has quesadillas with spicy green salsa for breakfast (yes quesadillas are a breakfast food in Mexico) and has already tried and loved   spicy tamarind Pelón candy.  

7.  I am constantly worrying that I won´t pass on to Lu my questionable love hate relationship with food that started with a diet when I was 11 and got boobs too early. 

8. I love to cook eggs! Asparagus and goat cheese, chipotle and manchego cheese, potatoes and spinach with fluffy eggs are the best way to start a  Saturday morning. I also love to cook pasta, salads and soups.

9. I don´t bake. I hate how little room for creativity is behind amateur baking. No tasting and adding, just following recipes step by step   (I make mean Ghiardelli brownies though, it´s my staple at potlucks)


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