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30 Aug

Toddler Wows!

  1. Everything tastes better with sprinkles or ketchup (or even both)
  2. Words with a U in them are hilarious.
  3.  People actually praise you when you have really long naps.
  4. Pretend cake tastes as good as real one.
  5. Baby dolls don’t complain if you hold them by the leg, violently rock then or feed them Play-Doh cakes. Real baby cousins do.
  6.  Splashing in puddles is so satisfying: you get wet, you make cool sounds and startle mommy at the same time.
  7. If it has Dora on it you always want to use it.  Even if it’s a toothbrush.
  8.  Finding out the things Willy likes are exactly the same things you like. Dressing up? Check. Tumbling? Check. Making cakes and splashing in the ocean? Check and check.  (Willy is the main character in Anthony Brown’s Thing I Like book by the way)
  9. Mommy’s lap is the most comfortable reading chair ever.
  10. Every one in your mommy’s school says hi. Especially when I am wearing a tiny PE uniform.

Toddler woes

  1. Finding out you actually have to buy stuff. And mommy doesn’t necessarily agree that you need the $200 doll.
  2. Fun things like shows or play dates end way too soon…
  3. Those darn canines coming in. Ouch!
  4. Mommy thinks eating, bathing or sleeping is more important than playing
  5. Stuffed animals don’t go in the bathtub!?
  6. You have to take turns when hitting the piñata. And big kids hog the candy.
  7. How come we can’t go out to the yard when it’s raining? Or at 6 am?
  8. Some one said I have to say good bye to my pacifier, my diaper and my crib. I don’t think so.
  9. Mood swings and tantrums. Ok going to nursery school is scary and deserves all the tears in the world but taking a bath? Slicing your sandwich
  10.  Every one in your mommy’s school says hi. Especially when I am wearing a tiny PE uniform.




31 May

Today Lu fell asleep on her grandmother´s arms which was really sweet and enjoyable for both.

But when after a couple of hours she fell asleep on my arms, I knew she was sick. My baby girl is almost always incredibly funny, happy, easy going, flirtatious, active, strong willed, independent, curious and intense but she is not cuddly.

Lu kicks her feet excitedly when someone else is holding her and she sees Devoted Daddy or me approach. She smiles radiantly at us when she wakes up from her nap and (lately) throws herself into my arms. She sometimes buries her head in my shoulder (even though I don´t know exactly when or why) and laughs happily when I get home from work.

She doesn´t like being rocked to sleep and gets fussy when someone holds her for too long. She can sit playing happily with her toys on the floor much longer than she can sit in someone’s lap (but she angrily shouts when I walk out of the room) She likes to be held looking out so she can intently watch everything that is going on and would lift her head from my shoulder to look around even when she was a tiny newborn.

So today when Lu fell asleep in my arms in worried that she was sick but secretly really, really enjoyed it.

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